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About Us

At KIMSUN International, our focus is to provide you with the newest and most cutting edge face and body cosmetic products and technologies for both personal and professional spa use. We have exclusive rights to companies new to the Canadian market (Seolchohwa, Amaros, Newland), as well as popular local companies (Dr.Louie).


You’ll get the personalized service and lasting commitment you deserve, from a team that knows what’s hot and what’s beneficial to you.  Wholesome and cutting edge, her eye-opening line of healthy products will set new standards in quality and satisfaction.


KIMSUN INTERNATIONAL's founder, Hyosun Kim, applies her quarter century of front-line knowledge to reach out for the next paradigm: Natural Health and Cosmetics.  She uses her expertise, and her belief in the truth and the power of beauty, to connect with and inspire customers to follow this new direction.

KIMSUN INTERNATIONAL's namesake keeps her philosophy simple: Nature itself is the best physician - Hippocrates